Holly Creek STAR  Center A Hippotherapy Program

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Holly Creek STAR Center is a non-profit organization, working primarily off generous donations, fundraisers, and fee for use of facility.  There is a facility fee of $25 per session.  This fee is used for the care of the horses, and maintenance of the facility.  Each therapist is in charge of their sessions.  Each session is for 1 hour which includes; but not limited too, use of the horse, therapy session, and pre and post ride exercises at therapist discretion.  

A typical session may include on horse for 20-45 minutes and remaining time using ground work at therapist discretion.  The therapist is in charge of each session, and goals will be addressed which may or may not include use of horse for entire hour.  

Speech Therapy using Card Rodeo to target sounds.  The trees make great props.  The children enjoy finding cards on the trees or fence or horses mane.  We always have a good time.